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Past Life Regression
Email Kathleen for a Reading Ms.Deyo does readings internationally,wherever English is spoken Landline: 707-782-8195  Cell:707-782-8394
Kathleen Deyo giggles,...then zaps you with accurate information in an upbeat style. She does parties, corporate events, phone readings, SKYPE (at no additional phone cost to you) and past life regression.

What Have I Agreed To?

What is ahead for me?

"It is my work as an artist, and drawing especially which helped me develop the observer within myself, and to identify different reality states.

The artist is at one with the subject and it is immensely interesting. It is a zone like going through the Looking Glass in 'Alice in Wonderland'. There is only truth of the line. This is subjective and the artist feels the object and somehow becomes one with it like a car is one with the road. As the line deviates, the artist is aware of misperception...is it stress, fatigue, or anger which halts the attention?"

"Because when it is bliss the line is sure and accurate. This awareness helped me to have a special affinity for Past Life Regression work with my clients who identify states during regression. I am able to support the shifts because I align with myself with the process and guite it with a delicate awareness."

Ask Kathleen

What are you good at?

I am good at getting a name and knowing about the person that way.

In a 15 minute reading, I do three questions. In the 50 minute reading, I do the voice reading and before I know anything about the person.

I also get information from the voice.

I have them count backwards out loud and I write the stuff that comes to me.

"It is very helpful, then I do the palm and the runes. I also read tea leaves if they want that. I am good at getting messages from the dead...terrible at finding lost things...can't even do it for myself."

How do you do it?

""Thoughts travel in patterns. Think of something under a microscope...a series of patterns...well psychics read energy...like being bilingual...translating the patterns into words.

We all sense energy and some of us are better than others at translating it into our language.

Pyschics vary in ability...some are clairsentient and feel another's pain and these people make good healer's.

Other's are good at relating messages from other realm's. Other's are good with numbers or help you locate...many gifts.