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Past Life Regression
 "One of New Yorks Top 13 psychics", as rated by Time Out NY

M.S.Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

What are your Questions?

What will be your answers?

Do you have a troubled past or difficulty seeing the future and trying to overcome a particular moment in your life?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then guidance from the famous psychic Kathleen Deyo is exactly what you need.

Kathleen is a widely popular psychic, helping people to overcome things that have been holding them back.


Psychic readings are not what they are portrayed to be.

The psychic readings provided by Kathleen Deyo will give you the insight and answers to serious questions you’ve been looking for answers on.

Whether you need a look into the future or help with resolving issues in the past, we guarantee that you’ll get what you’ve been in need of.

Kathleen is a premier psychic medium and has been helping people all over the country for many years.

In addition to real life psychic readings, you can also receive a psychic phone reading.

Kathleen provides psychic medium readings from New York all the way to California.

There’s no need to be nervous or skeptical about the readings, everything that’s provided to our clients is confidential and kept personal.

Readings with Kathleen are often fun, spontaneous, exciting and they are always enlightening.

Kathleen Deyo provides consultations internationally to clients looking for answers, direction, New thoughts.

Readings with Kathleen are often fun, spontaneous, exciting, and they are always enlightening.

Thank you for visiting our website.

We hope that you find the information provided to be helpful and useful.

We offer a new beginning and new thoughts on what lies ahead.

Kathleen Deyo is a famous and very reliable psychic medium serving all over the country including New York and California.

Don’t waste any more time with struggle thoughts and unanswered questions, take the time to receive a psychic reading that we guarantee will give you what you’ve been looking for.

Please feel free to contact us today, we look forward to meeting you.

Kathleen invites you to book an appointment with her via phone or email for a reading with a proven psychic.

She can provide a reading in SKYPE- at no additional phone cost to you, via phone, even through email.

Email Kathleen for a Reading

Ms.Deyo does readings internationally,wherever English is spoken

Landline: 707-782-8195  Cell:707-782-8394

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